Tuesday, August 8, 2017

BTCClicks Earn Bitcoins, Bitcoin PTC

PTC site, make money online, earn at home, job

BTC Clicks Legit or Scam?

When it comes to PTC (Paid to click) sites that pay Bitcoins, BTCclicks is the top dog! It started way back in 2013 and it still running and paying their members. BTCclicks, unlike the regular PTC sites that pays in US dollars, they pay bitcoin which is more valuable for viewing Ads. It's very hard to manage bitcoin-paying PTC sites since the rate of bitcoin is erratic.

How to Make Money on BTC clicks?

It's very easy just like any other PTC sites the main option to earn Bitcoin is by viewing advertiser's web page. To start just log in to your account and on the top page click on "Surf Ads". It will show you the list of available Ads. TIP: Choose the highest earning first usually those have 180, 60, 30, or 20 seconds, then finish all the 10 seconds Ads.
PTC site, make money online, earn at home, job
Once you clicked on the Ad you will see a timer on top just wait it to end, then it will require you to answer a catpcha. Answer it correctly then click on submit.

BTCclick is legitimate however the support is not that good. But you can earn good money here! *** And make sure to use a very hard password a number of members experienced hacking with their hard earned Bitcoin withdrawn to an unknown account.


If you don't have a Bitcoin Wallet yet, try: Coinbase

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Timebucks Make Money Online

Timebucks legit, Timebucks scam?

Is Timebucks a legitimate make money online website or is it a scam? Before answering that what is Timebucks? Timebucks is a reward site where you can earn real cash for performing simple tasks and activities like answering surveys, watching short videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, taking selfies, growing a beard, performing web searches and etc. They pay weekly through PayPal once you have reached the minimum payout of $10.

It's free to join TimeBucks and it is a legitimate paying website, it is not a scam. However I must warn you that you will not make millions of money doing this stuff. It's for people who needs extra income.

Join here using your FACEBOOK
or Sign up using your email account here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

EOBOT Make Money On Cloud Mining FREE

bitcoin cloud mining, BTC cloud mining, Eobot review

 EOBOT cloud mining has been in operation since April 2013 and is based in Walnut California, USA. The website mine bitcoins and other crypto-currency. It also convert one crypto-currency to other crypto-currency easily.

They offer multiple options apart from standard cloud mining, they also offers cloud folding services, the ability to rent hashrate and send it to your on pool, or mine with your hardware in their mining pools, they even offer their own software for mining.

If you don't have money to invest then they have a built in faucet with small daily payouts that can help you get started even without investing your own money, also they give you a daily DOGE reward just for logging in.

In EOBOT you can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, BlackCoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Reddcoin, BitShares, CureCoin, StorjcoinX, Monero, Counterparty, Stellar, Bytecoin, Peercoin, NXT or MaidSafeCoin.

EOBOT is Legit they have a Netbusiness rating of 4.2/5
bitcoin cloud mining, BTC cloud mining, Eobot review

    Email: help@eobot.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/eobot
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eobotcom
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EobotBitcoinMining

To make money on Eobot for FREE just follow this simple steps:

1. Log in to your Account DAILY to earn 1 DOGE coins
2. Visit their Faucet which you can found in PRODUCTS

bitcoin cloud mining, BTC cloud mining, Eobot review
3. Do steps 1 and 2 daily, after two to three weeks exchange those amount into mining power to speed up earning.
bitcoin cloud mining, BTC cloud mining, Eobot review


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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jewellery Web-Selldiam.com SCAM

 Jewellery Web-Selldiam.com SCAM, scam website, scam PTC site

Have you ever heard of the website Jewellery money platform (http://web-selldiam.com/)? It's a PTC website that promised its members money every time they view video advertisements that are usually 10 to 30 seconds, and they pay 1 to 5 euros. That's a dream come true to everyone who are engage in PTC website, 1 to 5 euros per Ad is huge. Unfortunately, members should keep on dreaming since they will never pay you a single cent.

Jewellery Web-Selldiam.com gives its members 14 ads daily for a price per click of 1 Euro when you're standard user and the minimum cashout is 50 Euros and payment deadline is instant. Their payment methods are PerfectMoney, Paypal, and carte bancaire.

It's an outright SCAM they are just confusing members by claiming that jewelry companies can afford to pay that much money for Ads. Their Ads are clearly fake and they have nothing to do with Jewelry business. It is just their new trick to attract people to lure them in and trick you to pay $10 to get a promo code. Unfortunately for those who paid, those requirements will never end. Once you are paid member and try to withdraw they will then tell you to wait for 1 month. After a month and you try to withdraw again it say you can't since you need to invite 40 referrals for you to be able to withdraw. They will just keep on adding new rules and regulations so that they will never pay you.

Also legit PTC sites like Clixsense can only afford to pay up to $0.02 per one ad view maximum.

Jewellery Web-Selldiam.com is a SCAM!!!!

If you are looking for Legitimate income they try these:
Make $100 A Day on ClixSense

Thursday, June 15, 2017

YouGetProfit View Ads Make Money Online 2017 Review

YouGetProfit, make money online, WAHM, revshare

YouGetProfit is a Paid to click (PTC) and Revshare website in which members earn money by clicking Ads. This revenue sharing website has been operating since 2003. It is also a "revshare" program since member's have the oppurtunity to earn a share of the profits made from products purchased on the website.

YouGetProfit Revenue Share Program

This is the source of income for revshare programs like YouGetProfit, they share a percentage of their profits from product purchases on their website. In this case, YouGetProfit sells advertisement packages or "Ad Packs". YouGetProfit Ad Packs consist of PTC Ads, PPC Banner Ads, and Login Ads. What is great about Ad Packs is the amount of shared revenue return you can make.


If you buy an advertising package worth $25 you get: 2000 PTC credits,  100 Banner Ad credits, 5 Login Ad credits, and 120% shared revenue return. Which means you get potential earning from Revenue share max $30 per advertising package you bought $25 investment. The more Ad Packs that you purchase, the higher the sum of shared revenue you will receive.

However, take note for you to get your share of the profits everyday, you must: 1. View or "surf" 4 PTC ads that day and 2.     Own an Ad Pack.

If YouGetProfit didn't sell Ad Pack no one will receive a share of revenue because there is no revenue to share. Once an Ad Pack reaches its maximum shared revenue return, you will no longer receive profit from it.

PTC Ads Program

This is easier and no need to invest anything but you will earn little money. For clicking on PTC ads you can make anywhere from $0.005 up to $0.03 per click or view.


Revshare programs like YouGetProfit are risky business since business model like this can crash specially if people stop joining and buying Ad Packs. Yes, YouGetProfit have been in the business since 2003 but still you need to be careful just like any other investment the golden rule is only spend as much as you can afford to lose.

If you don't want the risk then you still can join their Paid to click (PTC) it's FREE.



The Ads Team


Bitter io

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make Bitcoin Online FREE at Bits2u

Bits2u, bitcoin mining, free PTC, Bits2u scam

Bitcoin is rising fast its performance this year has been phenomenal it's breach the $2,000 level and still rising. It would be wise to start mining and investing in bitcoin.

Bits2u offers a unique program online to let their members earn those hard to obtain Bitcoin by combining three options PTC, PTP and Bitcoin Mining. PTC or paid to click, just simple click those Ads and you will make 200 Satoshis per click. PTP is paid to promote, just post your referral link on any website and you get to earn 1000 Satoshis per 1000 visits. Their Bitcoin mining is done through Cloud so you don't have to run a program and break your PC mining for those precious Bitcoin.

Bits2u, bitcoin mining, free PTC, Bits2u scam
Bits2u has a 4.7/5 rating on Netbusinessrating.


Rev 2 GekkoScience 2-Pac Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner 15gh/s+ (BM1384x2) $69.97
AntMiner S3 441Gh/s @ 0.77W/Gh 28nm SHA-256 ASIC Miner
Bitmain AntMiner S3+ 453Gh/s @ 0.78 J/Gh Digital miner
CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - 32 GB Edition $69.99

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ojoo wad Earn Money By Viewing Ads

Ojoo wad, PTC, make money online

Ojooo is a German based PTC company and it was founded and created by Michael Thees in March 2013.
PTC Ojooo has a great concept that offers communication and various Ads from business to technology, going by many other domains.

Members can watch advertisements and get up to $0.04 per click. They can also earn money by watching Ojooo Videos, making simple tasks or offers with Matomy Offerwall.

Minimum fund to be able to cash out is $2 through Paypal, Payza and OKPay. Ojooo also offers Traffic exchange program. Here you don't need to view others websites in order to earn minutes. You can surf others websites just like an autosurf.


Ojoo wad, PTC, make money online
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