Thursday, April 16, 2015

Infographic: How To Monetize Your Website

Skimlinks has created an easy to follow, comprehensive infographic on ways on how to monetize your website. It shows different strategies for different kind of websites. It also tells the level of user happiness, ease of use, and profitability on different medium of income generating engines.

Friday, April 3, 2015

EXPO TV: Earn Points By Doing Video Reviews of Popular Products

EXPO TV, earn money uploading video reviews, earn money online

EXPO is a website where you can upload your video reviews on products that you own. You can give your honest opinions about the products and services that you have use. You will earn points for the videos you have shared and you can redeem them in the EXPO store and lucky members get the chance to try products for free sometimes these products are not yet available in the market. Redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, DVDs, and other stuff.

You can earn more points by doing other stuff other than uploading your video reviews, like doing surveys and applying for Tryology Programs.

If you stop your activity on Expo you'll risk of losing all your points since, after 12 months of inactivity of a member account the points expires.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Win Money Blogging on Be a Freelance Blogger

Beafreelanceblogger, earn money, win money online, guest post, guest blogging has been continuously running a contest in which you can win $100 for your guest post. The guest blogging contest is called "Pitchfest", happens ussually in March, June, September and December. They select one winning pitch in each Pitchfest, plus one or more runners-up.

The winning pitch writer gets the $100 prize through Paypal once their guest post has been published. The runners-up wins $50 on publication, group mentoring tickets, or ebooks.

So you get a chance to win $100 and promote your site at the same time through your guest post.

You can check out the guidelines HERE. 

Beafreelanceblogger, earn money, win money online, guest post, guest blogging

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WiseBread: Earn money Writing about Frugal Living or Personal Finance

WiseBread, writing, earn money online, WAHM is one of the leading personal finance blog. They give their bloggers 100% of the advertising revenue they earn on their blog posts. They let you write what you love to write with topics ranging from personal finance, frugal living, life hacks, and other personal finance related topics. They even provide you with an assistance to give you sales, tech, marketing and pr support.

Here's how you can join:

1. Send them three sample of your best work with at least 500 words.
2. Give 5 specific ideas for your future posts.

For more information check them out HERE

Saturday, February 28, 2015

People per Hour: Make money online

People per Hour, Make money online, job market place

PeoplePerHour is an online job marketplace where a company and a freelancer connect and collaborate online. You can work on graphic design, link building, online marketing, data entry, software development, web design etc.

PeoplePerHour is very similar to Odesk.

PeoplePerHour Headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.

Here are some important tips for you to succeed on PeoplePerHour;

1. You need to document your experience, since most of the buyers will require proof of your work, whether it's link building, SEO, Web design, writing job etc. You can post your samples of your work in the Portfolio section of the site.

2. Never pick a job with low pay, except if you are willing to waste your time for it. However, your rate should be reasonable.

3. Write bid that is complete and concise don't write boring long format bid. Never use a generic bid.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Blogsvertise: Earn Money from your Blog through Advertising

Blogsvertise, blog ad, earn money from blog, blogging lets you make money from your blog or journal through advertising. They host thousand of advertisers that want to advertise on your blog or journal and drive traffic to their websites products and services. In exchange for the traffic you generate for the advertisers Blogsvertise pays you through Paypal. 

All you need to do is register your blog or journal and add your blog to their system for approval. When your blog or journal got approved, it will be listed on the assignment queue. Their system will then displays ads on your blog.

You no longer have to endorse the website product/service, and you will earn money by displaying banner ads and text links.

Friday, January 23, 2015

PayU2Blog, Earn Money From your Blog

PayU2Blog, earn money online

PayU2Blog as the name say literally they will pay you to blog. It is like sponsored posts, they give bloggers interesting assignments and they get paid for those assignments. Registration is free, after you register you will have to submit your blog and you will receive an email confirmation within 2 business days if your blog has been accepted by payu2blog.  However, if you didn't receive any it means that your blog got denied.

Once you get approved you they will send you interesting assignments with a link and anchor text. What you need to do is find a way to integrate the link to your post you don't have to review or write about the product or services. You may receive assignment daily or twice a week it depends on the popularity of your blog among advertisers. Your post must have a minimum of 60 words and you can earn up to $5 per post. You may also receive product review assignments.

PayU2Blog is a good source of extra income that you can generate from your blogs.