Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How To Make Money On Neobux

NeoBux is a FREE Paid to click (PTC) website to cater for people who wants to make extra money online. It is available worldwide. NeoBux is one of the most trusted and reliable PTC website. It's easy to make money on Neobux just click those Ads.

To start Making Money On Neobux You need to Register First... REGISTER HERE
You will also need a Payza Account to withdraw your money... REGISTER HERE for Payza

Here's how:

1. Once you have registered, log in to your account and then click on "View Advertisements" on top of the page.
Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

2. Click on all the Ads you see on that page, they will be in color if it's in grey it means you have already viewed them. Usually there are 20 Ads daily and you'll earn $0.001 each, that's $0.02 (0.001x20).
Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

3. Once you click the Ad, it will give you a red dot. Click on the red dot to continue to the Ad.
Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

4. You will see the letter "o" on top of the page getting filled with color tan, that's the timer. When it's filled then the Advertisement is now validated and you can now click on the Close button on top.
Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

5. Once you have clicked all the Advertisement. Scroll down and click on the "AdPrize" button. After every Ad just click "next" it will also indicate how many tries left. You can win huge prizes here, like $25, Golden Membership, or $0.50. I have won $0.50 multiple times already.
Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

Paid to click, ptc, make money online, work at home

6. To maximize your earnings after 15 days and clicking at least 100 ads, invite your friends to Neobux using your referral link. If clicked on your referral link and joins, they become your Direct Referral and you will get commissions when they click ads.

Strategy to Make More Money:

The secret to making more money on Neobux is referrals, however, getting Direct Referrals is extremely difficult so you will need to rent one.

1. Once you have made $2, put this money on your rental balance and rent 3 referrals. You can actually choose from 18 packs to rent: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 ,60, 70 , 80, 90, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 referrals (Above 100 referrals are only for certain Golden Packs).

2. Monitor your rented referrals, if they averaged less than 2.0 after a week recycle it ($0.07) and get a new referral. Put the autopay function on. If one of your referrals is already below 20 days before next payment, pay to add another 30 days. Below 20 days, the autopay function does not work and you will not get the savings for that referral.

3. Once you have earned $3, rent another 3 referrals. Continue this process until you are making a $1 a day in your account balance.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Can you Make $100 A Day on ClixSense?

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 ClixSense strategy, ClixSense trick, ClixSense hack, ClixSense tutorial, ClixSense technique, ClixSense tricks

Before reading this Sign up for ClixSense if you haven’t yet HERE

ClixSense is one the most popular PTC (Paid-To-Click) website that pays you to click advertisements, you can also make money online through paid surveys and free offers. The biggest money maker on ClixSense are Surveys, Offers and Tasks which are usually taken for granted since clicking Ads are way more easier and faster but if you want to make more money Surveys, Offers and Tasks are the way to go.

If you concentrate on clicking Ads you will only earn cents and it may take you forever to make serious money. You will need to have a good strategy and be patience to make it on Clixsense. With just a few minutes a day you can really generate a decent income stream on ClixSense.

Can you Make $100 A Day on ClixSense?  Yes, if you have plenty of referrals. Having a lot of referrals is also one of the best bet for making money on this website. However if you don't have a lot of referrals you can still earn decent amount of money on surveys, the ClixAddon, and the Daily Checklist bonus.

It's also very important to Upgrade to PREMIUM!!! This is very important, it will double your daily bonuses. Premium cost $17 annually, but is very worth it if you’re active on the site. 

With Premium, your bonus doubles, from 7% to 16%, for completed checklists, with no cap or limit on what’s possible.   
Sign up for ClixSense now HERE!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Make $100 or more A Day Online on Your Spare time

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Yes, you can make decent money online on your spare time for FREE. Here are the best ways to make that $100 a day a reality. However, this requires a lot of PATIENCE AND HARDWORK.

I. PTC Sites (Paid To Click sites or Get Paid To Click Ads) - these are websites that pay their members for clicking Ads on their websites. They also offer paid Surveys, Completing Tasks, playing games, contest, and Surfing the net.

Clicking paid ads is the easiest make money online opportunity available on the internet, you do not need any technical background, you just need to know how to use a computer and browse the internet.

There are a lot of fly-by-night PTC sites who don't pay their workers the best thing to earn on PTC sites is go with the websites that have history of payments with proof like NEOBUX and CLIXSENSE.

ClixSense - The best PTC sites right now! They are reliable and trustworthy they are in the business for more than 9 years. If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada then you are lucky you will have more opportunity to earn here, you can make about $1 a day in just viewing Ads. You will also have tons of surveys that range from 60 cents to $5 dollars. If you don't live in those countries then your option is clicking paid ads and the money maker is their affiliate program as long as your referrals will upgrade their membership you will make money from them. You can get $2 commission from your direct referrals if they upgraded their membership, and $1 commission from the succeeding levels up to tier 8.

Neobux - one of the Best PTC Sites, if you're starting out you will surely get turned off by the pay, just $0.001 per click there are about 30 Ads per day so you can just make $0.03 a day that's too low. But there's a strategy to make money on Neobux and it requires patience.

- Register on Neobux and click all the Ads everyday for 15 days, make sure that you have clicked more than 100 Ads.
- Promote your Direct Referral link on social media like Facebooks, Twitter etc.
- Continue to Click all the Ads until you make $2.
- You can now transfer those fund to your rental balance and rent 3 referrals ($0.20/month) keep them if they are performing. Your referral should be clicking ads continously to earn, keep them if they have click average of 4.0 and above, if not recycle it for it will just cost you $0.07. Make sure to click on AutoPay ($0.0057) to extend your referrals' next payment date.
- If you earn $1 tranfer it to your rental balance, if you have accumulated at least $2 rent another 3 referrals. Just continue this process before you know it you will be earning $1 a day in your account balance then you can now rent more referrals. If you are in the standard membership you can have 300 referrals if you upgraded to Golden you can have 2000 referrals.

You will be earning significant amount of money per day, up to $50 after a few months.

*It is advisable to limit your referrals below 750 since if you keep on renting it will eventually lower down your profit due to higher renewal fees and it will be harder to track.

Join here:

If you don't have Payza to receive your payment

Donkeymails is legitimate, well established paying PTC website. Donkey Mails is a massive paid to click site with multiple ways to earn. Members can earn money online by reading emails, clicking ads, completing offers (PTSU and Offer Walls) and other tasks.


MyFreeShares - here you get paid daily just for being a member as long as you have shares. Cash Ads can give you about $0.025 daily it reset after 24 hours from last click. You can also purchase shares with your earned cash to speed up the earning process.


**** You can also use this strategy to other PTC sites below, imagine how much you can earn per day if you used it on all of them!!! More than $100 per day!!!

 1. Grandbux

 2. Twickerz

 3. Familyclix

4. Ojooo Wad
 5. The Ads Team

 6. Matclick

7.  BUXP

8. Clixten

 9. 154pack

10. 160pack

11. You get profit

12. btcclicks

II. Pay Captcha sites - if you are a fast typer you can certainly earn from it. Beginners can earn $0.45 per 1000 word images typed & experienced people earn $1.5 per 1000 word images typed. To maximize my time and effort I use a tablet or a smartphone for viewing Ads while I'm typing captcha. Here are paying Captcha sites:

  1. 2captcha
  2. Protypers
  3. Kolotibablo

III. Traffic Exchanges - you wont be able to make money on these sites but you can promote your referral link here.


Other money making opportunities:


TimeBucks PAYS YOU TO:
- Take Photos Everyday
- Grow a Beard (you heard that right!)
- Vote
- View Funny Slideshows
- Watch Video's
- Record Video's
- Take Survey's
- Play Games

TimeBucks ALSO HAS:
- 5 Level Referral Program
- Daily Bonus Ladder Competition
- Full Time Account Manager
- Weekly Payments Via PayPal
- Real Cash, Not Gift Cards


ADIPHY - here you make money just by reading your daily news!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Highest Paying PTC Site?

PTC Site, make money online

If you're looking for the highest paying PTC Site then this might be it if they are paying. I just started clicking Ads today Feb 6, 2017 and look how much I have already made €16.7800 that's a lot of money for a PTC website!! Brainbux

The minimum to cashout is 0 € and the TOS said that the payment deadline is an undefined time. You can choose among the following payout methods : PerfectMoney, PAYEER , Payza, Paypal. With this P.T.C. website you will win 20 % of your referral earnings. However before you can withdraw you will need to have 10 direct referrals.

You can make €0.20 per click which is really big for PTC site. You can also upgrade membership to earn more. Each one has different benefits, but the main benefit is the amount of money you can make per click in the PTC section. The more expensive the membership, the more money you can make per click.
Premium Membership Cost = €14.99 for 3 months
  • €0.20 per click 
Elite Membership Cost = €21.99 for 3 months
  • €0.30 per click
Ultimate Membership Cost = €34.99 for 3 months
  • €0.50 per click

Highest Paid PTC site

Earn money online
✔ Get 0.10€ per click
✔ Get 0.01€ per referral's click
✔ Instant payouts
✔ No minimum cashout
✔ Always daily advertisements
✔ Upgrade and earn up to 500% more

You will need a Payza account if you have none click here to register

Click here to JOIN BRAINBOX let us see if they are scam or not!!!