Friday, May 27, 2016

Top 3 Facebook Scams To Avoid

Facebook Scams

Facebook is the best way to be updated on things, and it is also great tool to get in touch with your friends and family members. However, unfortunately it is also full of scammers that are waiting for their next victim.

Here are three scams to watch out for:

1. Facebook Friend Impersonator – this is common on email scam, they just branch out to Facebook. They hack one of your friend or relatives Facebook account and send you a message that he/she won money and he/she also found your name on the winners list. The impersonator will say that it is legitimate, well since you know him/her personally you know it's true. The impersonator will then say that you will need to pay a small fee in taxes, shipping fees, or other fees in order to claim your money. Most of the time, you will first receive a friend request from a friend or family member (impersonator) then you will receive this message from them.

By posing as someone you trust, it will be easier for them to trick you.

2. Facebook Lottery – I receive a lot of messages like this. Here you will get a Facebook message who claims to be from Facebook. The message will said that you won thousand of dollars in prize money from the company. What you'll need to do is pay taxes for your winnings upfront. The “Facebook employee” will then ask you to wire transfer the tax money. Sometimes it's not taxes but shipping fees, processing fees, etc.

There's no such thing as Facebook lottery,  it’s a scam!

3. Scammers Pretend to be a Military Personnel Asking for Help – these scammers who ussually from Ghana or Nigeria will steal identities of real soldiers on social networking sites like Facebook and impersonate them as military members. The will tell you stories about them and will also post pictures. Then when they know that they got through you they will ask for your help. This scammers will ask for money, or even gadgets they ask for money for airfare so they can return home.

You can also check out for other Facebook Scams.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clickworker: Make Money Online Doing Simple Tasks

Clickworker, crowdsourcing, make money online, work at home, wahm

Clickworker is a German-based company that will pay you to work online from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are to do simple and short tasks. All you need for this work is your computer and and internet connection. It is pretty similar to Amazon MTurk which is also a crowdsourcing site.

Clickworker work independently and you have your own schedule. It is also FREE to join. There are also no formal qualifications needed to join.

How much is the Pay?

The amount of money that you earn will depend on the project and the description of the task that you are working on. It can range from cents to two-digit euro sums. Most of their workers average around $9 an hour.

The pay is calculated according to the estimated average processing time as well as the level of difficulty, the length time to do the task, the amount of research involved or special knowledge skills required to do the job.

You will be able to get your pay once it reached $10, your balance never expires. Payment option is a verified PayPal account or if you are from states that belong to the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) you can have your payment credited to a bank account once a month.

PayPal users are paid once a week between Wednesday and Friday; bank account users on the 7th or 8th of the next month.

Clickworker Tasks

Tasks that you can find here range from writing, search engine evaluation, data entry or research. You will see different tasks each time you log in. You will only have access to tasks you are qualified to do. In order to determine whether or not you are qualified, you’ll have to take a short assessment for each type of task. These may or may not be retaken if you fail depending on the type of task.

Tasks that you have finished will need to be approved before you see the money that you earned from that task reflected in your account.

Join Clickworker Now!

Payment Proof

Clickworker, crowdsourcing, make money online, work at home, wahm

Thursday, May 5, 2016

GetPaid.Social Updates, FREE Membership is back

GetPaid.Social Updates, free membership

Yep, I have written a post about GetPaid.Social being a scam since they've cancelled the FREE Membership, hijacking your funds if you don't upgrade to a paying member stiffing you $9.97/month + $10 setup fee. Looks like they had a change of heart and they are bringing back the FREE Membership.

"I realize that the #1 value to marketers and advertisers looking to leverage the power of our community to increase their social engagement, reach & following is the NUMBER of members we have for them to potentially reach!  By ONLY allowing PREMIUM members the opportunity to earn by completing tasks, we are seriously devaluing our community and I realize that now.  The truth is, we want as many people as possible having the ability and opportunity to earn by completing tasks!" - this is their excuse in the email that I've received.

Another thing they have a new system called My Online Marketing Agency System ("M.O.M.A) according to them this will solve their problem of having not enough tasks.

Verdict: I don't know what to believe anymore, but I think I will give GetPaid.Social another chance but I will not delete my post saying that it is a scam, let it be lesson to them.