Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Way to Earn from the Internet is through Blogging

Starting a blog is pretty easy specially if you use sites like and Both are easy to use and fun since you can customize everything to your liking.

Blogs make money through online advertising and affiliate sales, such as affiliates program and commission junction. Google Adsense ads is also a good money making tools, you can automatically place it on your blog.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Q&A Sites that earn you money

You can be an online researcher answering questions on the internet on every topic imaginable like money, mechanics, science, investments, market research, homework, cooking etc. If that interest you, check out JustAnswer, they offer small payments for answers to questions. Their website states that you'll earn money for all of your answers that are accepted.

Stage 1 (new) Experts earn 25% of what a customer is offering for an answer and Stage 4 Experts earn up to 50%. Once you have more than $20 in your account, just request payment and they'll Pay Pal the money to you on the fourth business day of the month.

Another one is Askville from Amazon however you have to join Amazon's mturk program in order to make money from it.

ChaCha is also a good site that pays you to answer questions.