Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monetize Your Twitter Account through Sponsored Tweets

Monetize Your Twitter Account,Sponsored Tweets,earn,tweet is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. Advertisers compensate you with cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet. Think of it like eBay for tweets.

Here's how it works:

1. Set Your Price

All you need to get started is to set your price, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from Advertisers.

2. Choose your offers

As offers come in you can accept or reject them.

3. Receive Payment

If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can cash out once your account reaches $50.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Microsoft Hidden Job Listing

Microsoft posted a hidden job listing for a Bing software development engineer. It is hidden in the code of the search page. You can view the job listing by visiting using Microsoft's Internet Explorer with debug mode enabled. A pop-up page will appear and ask "Do you want to debug this webpage?"

You also need to use the Internet Explorer developer tools console to uncover the job post:
"Interested in creating experiences? Apply today" it includes a link to job listing on the Microsoft careers website.

However, take note that the applicant needs to have Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and experience with multithreaded programming in C# and/or C++ and other web coding languages.

In my opinion, they should have just posted it on Craigslist.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RateItAll - earn while having fun

RateItAll,ads,earn money,money

RateItAll is a place where you can rate, review, or recommend a product, music, movies, pets, art, stories, games, your favorite hang out place, or anything you want. The good thing about it you can earn some cash while doing it.

It goes like this when you contribute to RateItAll site by writing reviews, creating lists, adding items to existing lists or creating a user profile, they share the advertising revenue those contributions generate through Google Adsense.

You will get 50% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by the pages that you have create. The membership to their site is FREE!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If you love writing "top lists" (Top 5 Beach resort) or "best of" (5 Best Valentine's Day Gifts), then you could earn from this AdSense revenue share site Best-Reviewer is simple and very easy to navigate.

Best-Reviewer allows you to share in the advertising revenue from its Google Adsense Ads. So, you will definitely need an adsense account for this one.  They also offer affiliate program.

Their referral program goes like this, when a potential member click on your referral link and he/she sign up a cookie will be set on the new member's computer and if this person wants to create a top and registers on the site, you will have your AdSense ID displayed on every content pages submitted by your downline, 100% of the time, for life. Even if this new member doesn't have an AdSense account and submits content just to build backlinks and bring traffic to his content.

Sounds good right? However, I would only recommend this for those with experience and know-how on how to generate traffic and convertion because membership to this site is not free.

Here are their membership fees:

Professional - $17.00 for the first 1 Month, then $27.00 every Month
Premium - $7.00 for the first 1 Month, then $27.00 every 4 Months -
Basic - Free for the first 1 Month, then $27.00 every Year