Friday, January 27, 2017

Make Money Using 7search Ad Network

7search Ad Network

7search is a pay per click advertising network. If you have a website or blog and you want to increase traffic to your website 7search will display advertisements for you on other peoples websites for a certain number of cents per click. 7Search has been around since 1999 so they are well established in the industry. They’re one of the oldest pay-per-click search engines online.

They provide a search engine to smaller niche website partners. Traffic comes from the people searching for the target keywords you define.

Payments are issued by check in U.S. dollars, monthly, to all affiliates in good standing that follow all 7Search terms and conditions if the accumulated amount is $25 or greater. If earnings do not reach $25 at the time we issue the monthly payment, the earnings due to you are rolled over for the following period until the minimum payment is reached.

Affiliate commission checks are issued by the 15th of each month. Mailing of checks is done worldwide using the U.S. Postal System to the address provided by you.

Unfortunately, 7search is only available for publisher in these countries:  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Taggify, Adsense Alternative

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Taggify is another good paying adsense alternatives. They are a multinational tech-based network whose products allow publishers to monetize their content (text, photos and videos), they do offer a very competitive conversion rates.

If you have a picture only or video only blogs like I do and it gives you a good amount of traffic, however it's difficult to monetize since it does not have context then this is a great way to monetize your website. Using Adsense, on an average I get around $0.5 eCPM with Taggify I get $1.38eCPM. The Vidiofy and Photofy are really great for me since my website concentrate on photo and video. If your website has a lot of context you can use Textify or Linkify.

Taggify types of ads are as follows:

1. Photofy
2. Textify
3. Layerfy
4. Vidiofy
5. Linkify

Additionally all of them can be used on a single website or you can choose which ones to use. Taggify minimum payout is $100 and if you haven’t earned $100 till the end of month your balance is carried over to the next month. You can withdraw through Paypal or Wire. For Wire Transfer you must have atleast $1000 in your account.

All Taggify ads are fully compatible with Google Adsense so you should give it a try to earn even more from your website.

Registration is quick and easy, approval is also fast and ad serving is also quick. Whether your website is old or new or you get a relatively low traffic you can apply for an account. It take about 24 hours to approve a website. However, they don't accept pornographic website, violent and hate content.