Friday, January 23, 2015

PayU2Blog, Earn Money From your Blog

PayU2Blog, earn money online

PayU2Blog as the name say literally they will pay you to blog. It is like sponsored posts, they give bloggers interesting assignments and they get paid for those assignments. Registration is free, after you register you will have to submit your blog and you will receive an email confirmation within 2 business days if your blog has been accepted by payu2blog.  However, if you didn't receive any it means that your blog got denied.

Once you get approved you they will send you interesting assignments with a link and anchor text. What you need to do is find a way to integrate the link to your post you don't have to review or write about the product or services. You may receive assignment daily or twice a week it depends on the popularity of your blog among advertisers. Your post must have a minimum of 60 words and you can earn up to $5 per post. You may also receive product review assignments.

PayU2Blog is a good source of extra income that you can generate from your blogs.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Make Money on LinkWorth

Make Money, LinkWorth

LinkWorth is another site where bloggers and writers can make money. They offer text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and others. They pay their Partners 50% of the price they set.  Once you register for free you can tap thousands of advertisers hungry for reviews.

They do have a variety of payment options like Direct Deposit (US Only), Bank Wire Transfer (International Only), Paypal, Moneybookers or bank check (US Only) on a monthly basis.

Their company is based in Dallas, Texas.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sponsored Reviews: Earn money blogging

Sponsored Reviews, earn money blogging, make money online, work from home, blog, blogspot, make money

Sponsored Reviews is just like SocialSpark and PayPerPost where you can earn money by doing honest reviews about their advertiser’s products and services. You can write reviews using your own technique, tone and style, then adapt the ads towards your readers interest. The site boast thousands of advertisers in different industries looking to have their products and services reviewed by bloggers.

They offer two (2) kinds of Sponsored Posts, 1. articles and 2. content repost. If the advertiser wants an article, the blogger will need to composed a post about a topic that will relate to the advertisers industry which is appealing to their target audience. When the blogger is done with the article it will need to be publish on the blog.

While in content repost, the advertiser will provide the blogger with the content for them to post on their blog exactly as written. Advertisers will have their own set of requirements and rules like word count, links, disclosure etc.

Earnings will depend on the blogs number of readership and the quality of blog posts. Bloggers can earn anywhere from $5 to $1000 per post. If you have a very popular and high quality blog, you may earn a lot more.

Bloggers are not expected to write only positive posts they are  paid to compose in-depth, honest posts. Constructive criticism are expected.

Payments are through PayPal on a bi-weekly basis.

SponsoredReviews blog requirements:

1. Blog must be at least 3 months old and be cached/indexed in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
2. Blog must have a minimum of 10 backlinks.
3. Blog must be submitted to a relevant category.
4. It should have at least 10 archived posts with a minimum of 3000 combined word count.
5. Posts must be archived permanently like the other posts on your blog. You are not allowed to remove them. In addition your blog must have links to archived posts on the homepage.
6. All posts must contain unique contents.
7. Blogger is not allowed to use Spun contents.
8. Blog should not have any duplicate content scraped from other sites.
9. Completed Blog posts must be permanently archived and not purposely removed from your website for at least 1 year or a minimum of 1 year.
10. You are not allowed to use a rel=nofollow tag on the links to the advertisers, unless required by the advertisers.

Good luck and happy earning!