Friday, December 12, 2014

Social Spark: Earn Money Online Blogging, Tweeting

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SocialSpark is an online platform utilize tools and help advertisers write sponsored blog posts that comply 100% with the standards from the FTC, WOMMA, and Google.

SocialSpark will monetize your blog, tweet, photos and videos. You will earn money on SocialSpark through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts, are advertisement in which you will be paid to write about a product, service, website, book, etc.

SocialSpark offers wide range of topics like social, fashion, food, pets, adventure, DIY, crafts and many more. However, Social Spark makes sure that advertisers have high quality blogs that meets their standard. If you apply your blogs they will be manually reviewed and checked before they can be added into SocialSpark system.   

Here's how to join SocialSpark:

1. Sign up and create your profile, give your price. (ex. 2000 points=$20) You will get paid $20 for each sponsored post published on your blog. You can still negotiate your price with an advertiser.

2. Connect and link your blog to SocialSpark. You will also need to authorize SocialSpark to have access to your blog's Google Analytics.

3. Your blog will get reviewed manually. It may take about 7 days for it to be reviewed. They will send you an email if you get accepted or rejected.

The minimum payment per sponsored post is 500 points, which is equals to $5. Convert your points to cash anytime through Paypal(30 days).

You can also earn small commission by referring others to the site.

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