Monday, January 25, 2016

Adsense Alternatives: Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is an Ad network that provide advertisement to companies and they have a strict quality control on their partner web publishers to provide advertisers with targeted ad placements.

They are on a CPM sceheme. CPM is "cost per 1000 impressions". Advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad appears. As a publisher, you'll earn revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a user.

As a publisher your website should have a lot of traffic to get accepted (500,000 unique visitors per month).

Here's the full requirements in order to be considered for Tribal Fusion's publishers:
- A minimum of 5,000 unique users per day.
- Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content.
- Professional site design.
- An active user base.

They boast that their CPM rates are among the highest in the industry. Payment is through check 45 days after the last day of the month once your earnings reach $50 in net revenue.

If you think your website qualifies with their requirements then all you need to do is complete an online application for evaluation.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Google Adsense Alternatives: Revenue Hits

A lot of webmaster complain about getting banned by Google Adsense. Me too, receive a lot of warnings for them they say one of my website and a couple of my blogs have inappropriate contents that do not adhere to Google’s TOS. They say I have to remove those contents or just remove the ads, since I fear of getting banned by Google Adsense I removed the ads. So what now, it's not the end of the world. There are a lot of  Google Adsense Alternatives out there. And, one of the best is Revenue Hits. If you are earning from Google Adsense, you will earn a lot more on Revenue Hits.

Revenue hits have multiple features to earn money and they have Ad function that will make sure that your visitors click on those Ads. You can have banner ads, sliders, pop -unders, buttons etc.

Revenue hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA which is great for many niches), however, they have CPM and CPC models too.

Payment is NET 30 and you can receive it through wire, Paypal and Payoneer!

A lot of publishers have been earning more than $100 per month in their first try with Revenue Hits. And some are already generating a lot more, and the great thing about them is they don't have entry barrier like minimum monthly traffic.

Create your account and start Earning Now HERE!

Friday, January 8, 2016

High Yield Investment, Solid Trade Bank

*** High Yield Investment companies are highly susceptible to default, fraud, and scam so I would
advice you to invest only what you can lose. This is a very risky investment.

On their website it says Solid Trade Bank is a financial institution and it said that they have
subsidiary companies in Oil and gas industry, Forex Trading, Banking, Heavy industry, Real
Estate and Insurance.

Minimal Deposit USD: $25.00
Daily interest Percentage: 0.5%
Investment Period:  20 Calendar days

You can Fund your investment through:


On the monitoring site Allhyipmonitors is very stable paying:

Follow this step to invest:

1. sign-up for an electronic wallet (E-wallet):  - for Philippines SIGN UP HERE - for USA

* You will need this to convert your money to bitcoin for you to be able to buy investment shares.

2. sign-up on Solidtradebank

3. Deposit funds to your E-wallet.

4. After you have funded your E-Wallet you can now convert it into bitcoins.

5. Once you have bitcoin, you can now invest it on Solidtradebank. Minimum investment is $25

6. Log in to your Solidtradebank, go to Make Deposit, choose Choose a payment system: Bitcoin, Enter amount of BTC you want to invest

Get Paid using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Get Paid social, get paid online, online money making

This is really easy and the great thing about this is it's free to join. is an online community that pays you for doing simple tasks like:
  • Viewing a Website
  • Joining an email list
  • Liking a Facebook fan page
  • Sharing a Facebook post
  • Watching a short video
  • Giving a feedback about a website or a video
  • Giving a feedback about a logo
  • Answering a few short questions

Their business concept is simple, when their marketing partner or any member posts a task listing in the community which will cost them money, the other members of the community can get paid when they accomplish those tasks. GetPaid.Social members and marketing partners within the community are willing to pay other members for doing these simple tasks. All you have to do to earn is do these simple tasks on a daily basis.

Here how it works:

1. Once you have signed up for FREE HERE, you will need to go to Reward Task Marketplace to check out the task listing.
2. Do all the tasks that you can do to earn the maximum earnings.
3. The reward which range from $0.10 to $0.20 will go directly to your GetPaid.Social wallet minus a 10% transaction fee.
4. Every Friday, you can withdraw your earnings from the previous week. You can then transfer your earnings from a prepaid Visa gift card which is an Amazon gift card or an E-gift card certificate. You can also transfer your earnings to your Paypal account if you are a premium member.