Friday, January 8, 2016

High Yield Investment, Solid Trade Bank

*** High Yield Investment companies are highly susceptible to default, fraud, and scam so I would
advice you to invest only what you can lose. This is a very risky investment.

On their website it says Solid Trade Bank is a financial institution and it said that they have
subsidiary companies in Oil and gas industry, Forex Trading, Banking, Heavy industry, Real
Estate and Insurance.

Minimal Deposit USD: $25.00
Daily interest Percentage: 0.5%
Investment Period:  20 Calendar days

You can Fund your investment through:


On the monitoring site Allhyipmonitors is very stable paying:

Follow this step to invest:

1. sign-up for an electronic wallet (E-wallet):  - for Philippines SIGN UP HERE - for USA

* You will need this to convert your money to bitcoin for you to be able to buy investment shares.

2. sign-up on Solidtradebank

3. Deposit funds to your E-wallet.

4. After you have funded your E-Wallet you can now convert it into bitcoins.

5. Once you have bitcoin, you can now invest it on Solidtradebank. Minimum investment is $25

6. Log in to your Solidtradebank, go to Make Deposit, choose Choose a payment system: Bitcoin, Enter amount of BTC you want to invest


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