Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Started – Annotum

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Annotum is a WordPress theme developed by Solvitor, Crowd Favorite, and Google. It can be hosted for free on Auttomatic's hosting site, or it can be installed on WordPress 3.3 and above. It's a free and open source project, so anyone is free to modify it.  

Annotum is attempting to create a publishing standard for peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Annotum can be used by single or multiple authors and supports NLM/PubMed Journal Article document type definitions (DTD) commonly used in eJournals as well as exporting files to PDF or XML.

It is develop to be a simple, robust, easy-to-use authoring system to create and edit scholarly articles. And deliver an editorial review and publishing system that can be used to submit, review, and publish scholarly articles

Annotum replaced Knol, when google closed it. Knol was a 2007 project that was called the "Wikipedia killer." The idea was to create a publishing platform for authors to create fully attributed articles about whatever topic they chose. They could even choose to put AdSense ads on their content and make money from their articles if they became popular. Wikipedia is created and edited by anonymous users who don't get paid for their work.


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