Tuesday, August 13, 2013


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iFreelance is an outsourcing website where you can bid for a project that is posted by the employer. If you are a freelancer you can either submit bids for projects that you are interested in working on, or you may advertise your freelance services and get contacted directly by interested employers.

They don't charge commission on work done, however, they do have a low membership fee. Their current plans are: Basic $6.25, Silver $9.00, and Gold $12.00. It is also free to bid on projects.

Unlike other freelance websites, they allow and encourage open communication between employers and workers.
In contrast with the other freelance websites where communication between employers and freelancers is strictly prohibited because it may exclude those sites from commissions and fees they are charging. How can people work together effectively and make informed decisions if they are not allowed to communicate?

They provide online discussion features and allow freelancers to optionally reveal their contact information to employers.

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  1. Never read about this site but it seems that it can be a good alternative for the free lancer sites.Thanks for sharing.

    Johnny Depp

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