Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get paid to share your links

The top two (2) Url shortener Websites that you can use to earn money are Linkbucks and

Everyone shares link on their social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram, and blogs why not earn money while doing it?

Here how it works: Everytime someone clicks on your shared shortened links you will earn money which is really simple. You can earn about $2 or $3 dollars for 1,000 visitors. I earned $12 in just 3 hours, by sharing a viral link. 


Adfly -  free url shortening service that will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors. You are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via their PayPal or Payoneer.

    Minimum payout : $5
    Payment Time   : Mothly ( On Time )
    Payment Option : Paypal or Payza

2. Linkbucks

linkbucks – The leader in social marketing since 2005 in the business of shortening link service and content locker.

    Minimum payout : $10
    Payment Time   : Instant ( With in Seconds )
    Payment Option : Paypal or Payza


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