Tuesday, April 1, 2014

E-Junkie - Earn Online

E-Junkie, Earn Online, make money online, WAHM

E-Junkie is like a poorman's Clickbank. If you want to sell digital products but don't want to use Clickbank, E-Junkie is a good option.

E-junkie also provides shopping cart and buy now buttons so that you can sell downloads and tangible goods on your blog, website, eBay, Craigslist, social media (Facebook, Google Plus or Myspace), and use PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, ClickBank and 2Checkout.

You can use them to sell your ebooks, mp3 music, sell software, icons, fonts, artwork, phone cards, event tickets, cds, posters, books, t-shirts etc.

They don't have any transaction limit, or bandwidth limit. They also don't charge any setup fee and transaction fee.   

Like Clickbank, you can also earn money by being an Affiliate and sell others goods and stuff.

E-Junkie is a good option for starting out. If you're new in selling content online and want a hands-on approach E-Junkie is a good partner.

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