Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Win Money Blogging on Be a Freelance Blogger

Beafreelanceblogger, earn money, win money online, guest post, guest blogging has been continuously running a contest in which you can win $100 for your guest post. The guest blogging contest is called "Pitchfest", happens ussually in March, June, September and December. They select one winning pitch in each Pitchfest, plus one or more runners-up.

The winning pitch writer gets the $100 prize through Paypal once their guest post has been published. The runners-up wins $50 on publication, group mentoring tickets, or ebooks.

So you get a chance to win $100 and promote your site at the same time through your guest post.

You can check out the guidelines HERE. 

Beafreelanceblogger, earn money, win money online, guest post, guest blogging


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