Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Make Money with Your Blog Through Advertising

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If you want to make some money online for additional income you can start a blog and like most of the bloggers out there, they monetize their blogs through advertising.

The are Three Main Types of Blog Advertising Opportunities:

   1. Pay-per-click: it is an internet advertising model when a company advertise on a website or blog and pays the blogger each time a user clicks on the advertiser's ad.
  Ex. Clicksor
Google AdSense

   2. Pay-per-impression: The company advertiser pays the blogger each time the ad appears on the blog's page. It is measured by CPM, or Cost Per Mille, this is the what the advertiser pays per thousand views. In order to maximize the ad pay you get, you can look around for a high quality ad network, one that will place good ads with optimized copy. Low quality ad networks often drop views.

   Ex. Google AdSense
       Conversant Media
       Vibrant Media 
       DoubleClick (By Google)
       Foodie Blog Roll

   3. Cost Per Action : also known as pay per acquisition (PPA) here the advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action such as signing up on newsletter, registration, or online purchase.
  Ex. MaxBounty.com

Google AdSense which is the most used monetization platform for bloggers and website owners uses Contextual ads. It is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on blogs or websites depends on its contents. The ads shown should be related and relevant to the content and topic of the page to increase the chance that the user will click on them.

There are also Direct ads which usually shown as banner ads on blogs and websites. This in another option for bloggers and website owners to sell advertising space on their blogs.


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