Thursday, June 15, 2017

YouGetProfit View Ads Make Money Online 2017 Review

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YouGetProfit is a Paid to click (PTC) and Revshare website in which members earn money by clicking Ads. This revenue sharing website has been operating since 2003. It is also a "revshare" program since member's have the oppurtunity to earn a share of the profits made from products purchased on the website.

YouGetProfit Revenue Share Program

This is the source of income for revshare programs like YouGetProfit, they share a percentage of their profits from product purchases on their website. In this case, YouGetProfit sells advertisement packages or "Ad Packs". YouGetProfit Ad Packs consist of PTC Ads, PPC Banner Ads, and Login Ads. What is great about Ad Packs is the amount of shared revenue return you can make.


If you buy an advertising package worth $25 you get: 2000 PTC credits,  100 Banner Ad credits, 5 Login Ad credits, and 120% shared revenue return. Which means you get potential earning from Revenue share max $30 per advertising package you bought $25 investment. The more Ad Packs that you purchase, the higher the sum of shared revenue you will receive.

However, take note for you to get your share of the profits everyday, you must: 1. View or "surf" 4 PTC ads that day and 2.     Own an Ad Pack.

If YouGetProfit didn't sell Ad Pack no one will receive a share of revenue because there is no revenue to share. Once an Ad Pack reaches its maximum shared revenue return, you will no longer receive profit from it.

PTC Ads Program

This is easier and no need to invest anything but you will earn little money. For clicking on PTC ads you can make anywhere from $0.005 up to $0.03 per click or view.


Revshare programs like YouGetProfit are risky business since business model like this can crash specially if people stop joining and buying Ad Packs. Yes, YouGetProfit have been in the business since 2003 but still you need to be careful just like any other investment the golden rule is only spend as much as you can afford to lose.

If you don't want the risk then you still can join their Paid to click (PTC) it's FREE.



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