Monday, September 11, 2017

QoinPro Gives Out Free Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

QoinPro free bitcoin, free money

QoinPro free bitcoin, free money

QoinPro is based in Hong Kong and it was successfully incorporated on February 21, 2014. QoinPro gives out free Bitcoin and other coins for free just sign up and you get credited everyday with:

0.00000250 BitCoin
0.00007671 LiteCoin
0.00604838 FeatherCoin
0.24640460 Virtacoin
0.00056826 PeerCoin
0.00004063 Dash
0.00025130 Neo
0.00000250 Bitcoin Cash

More coins are being added from time to time, others can be unlocked and multipliers up-to 1250% are applied daily. There is no catch! As soon as you sign-up you start receiving bitcoins, litecoins and feathercoins. QoinPro is a multi-currency wallet. All coins can be sent, received, deposited and withdrawn.

Why are they giving away free coins? well their primary objective is to educate people about crypto-currencies and make it easy for people to get started. Simply sign-up, start receiving coins and learn more about bitcoin. In other words, "Educate and Facilitate". Step one was the multi-coin faucet where we give coins away for free every day. Step two was the launch of a complete multi-currency online wallet where you (will continue to) receive free coins every 24 hours.

In the coming weeks (and months) additional functionality will be added to the website that will provide us with the necessary revenue streams. Until that time (and after that) they are backed by private investors.

So why would you decline free money? Sign up here now

Free Bitcoins every 24 hours.


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