Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ads Quality Rater (Telecommute)

Do you want to work at home and still work for one of the biggest company in the world. Who wouldn't, you can try your luck at Google as an Ads Quality Rater.

WorkforceLogic is recruiting part-time telecommuters with fluency in English and an in depth and up-to-date familiarity with English-speaking web culture and media to help with Quality Evaluation for websites for Google Inc., the search engine company based in Mountain View, California. As an Ads Quality Rater, you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis to Google. Projects worked on may involve examining and analyzing text, web pages, images, and other kinds of information. You will need an in depth and up-to-date familiarity with English-speaking web culture and media. Additionally, you will apply this knowledge to a broad range of interests and topics. Ads Quality Raters possess excellent written communication skills and web analytic capabilities. You will be required to work 10-30 hours a week on a self-directed schedule. A secure, private high speed internet connection is required.


*Evaluate the accuracy of Google web advertising.

*Communicate effectiveness of web layouts and information via the online tool.

Minimum Qualifications:

*BA/BS or equivalent degree. In lieu of degree, 4 years of relevant work experience.

*College-level fluency in reading/writing English.

*Valid US Work Authorization. Work must be performed in the US.

Preferred Qualifications:

*Excellent analytical capabilities.

*Experience using internet search engines for business or personal use. Interview feedback template (not public): Your recruiter will provide you with the specific interview feedback format for this opening.

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