Saturday, January 5, 2013

EarningSip Is A Scam

EarningSip Is A Scam

I've been a member of EarningSip for quite some time now and I've earned US$ 43 the minimum payout is $40. Now all I have to do is cash out, Wrong, before I qualify for a pay out I found this text "To qualify for this month payment, kindly complete little survey to prove you are human being not automatic click software bot." and all the surveys are not working. Plain and simple scam.   

 Reasons Why Is EarningSip is a Scam Site

1. They offer $5.00 sign up bonus, $ 2.00 per referral link visit, 50 % referral Commission and instant cashout at $40.00 which is too good to be true.

2. There are no payment proofs, they just show fake last 5 payouts stats.

3. Sucky website with no FAQs and Terms.

4. You can never cash out your money.

They are just collecting emails to spam you with ads.

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