Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Earn Money Online by Answering Short Questions

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If you love researching and answering question why not earn from doing it. Please note though that you need to apply first on some of these sites to be able to do it.

1. kgb Special Agent - they offer work at home opportunities through their 2-way mobile text service. You will
get paid for answering questions that people send via mobile text message.

kgb is one of the largest provider of branded directory assistance services in Europe and the largest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the US.

The first step to become a kgb Special Agent is pass their test you can find it here: http://542542.com/agent

Once you have passed the challenge the next step in the process to become a Special Agent is Training. After Training you will undergo Simulation where you will have 25 mandatory practice questions to deal with. Then Certification will be next, this will determine whether or not you continue the process to become a Special Agent.

2. JustAnswer.com - it is a community of professionals who answer questions on JustAnswer and Pearl.com. The task here is to answer questions on your own time in exchange you will get paid by their customer.

To join, here are the steps:

1. Complete an online application and online profile
2. Take a short subject matter test
3. Verify your credentials

I will continue with the next list of "Earn Money by Answering Questions Online" on my next post. I hope you find this topic interesting and helpful.


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