Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Make Money on Craigslist

Craigslist may be a scary place for some people because of it's bad reputations, scammers, robbers, bad people, abound on Craigslist. There are even Craigslist serial killer.

Despite all this, Craigslist is still a good place to earn money since they got a lot of readership. Also, since Craigslist is free you can take advantage of it to promote your products and services.

Here is how you can earn good money on Craigslist:

1. Buy and Sell

Buy Low and Sell High. Look for cheap products on Craigslist, but make sure that they are good or that you can still recondition it to good health. I buy used stuff on Craigslist like bikes, chairs, tables, etc. I buy them cheap then sell high. If you buy broken stuff and you can still fixed it to working condition, that would be great since you can buy them cheap. There are really good deals on Craigslist.

2. Sell your work

If you like making stuff like printed shirts, slippers, candles, jams, etc. you can sell them on Craigslist. Yes, you can sell them on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, etsy etc. but it will not hurt you to advertise on Craigslist, that's an extra exposure to you and it's FREE.

3. Freelance Work

You can see a lot of freelance work on Craigslist, however, be very cautious just like the real world. There are some bad eggs who use Craigslist for their crime. If you will work online or at home (writing, data entry, sales job) make sure you have correct and legitimate phone number and physical address of your client. Also make sure that your client is using the domain name of the company, like and not using free email account like

Enjoy making money, but please be careful in dealing with people that you don't know. If you need to meet up with a buyer or client, make sure to bring your friend with you. Never go alone. 


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