Friday, August 7, 2015

Earn Money on Clicksor

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Clicksor is like Adsense, it is an online contextual advertising network based in North York, Ontario Canada. The network is launched by its mother company Yesup Media Inc., which was founded in 1999.

Clicksor ranked in the Alexa top 100 in October 2008 and May 2009.

They have a traffic minimum which is 50,000 monthly impressions. To get started just sign up as an advertiser and go through the simple, step by step process to create your first advertisement.

Using a Regular Setup, you can choose from layer banners, inpage banners, inline text ads, pop-unders, or interstitial ads. Then you will click “Get Code” to get the code for your website or blog.

Minimum payout is $50, you can choose these payment methods: Check, PayPal, Wire transfer there's a $75 fee for this.

Clicksor gives you great context sensitive ad serving just like Adsense. You also have the choice to place keywords yourself. The payouts upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives. Usually the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn decent money from this. Adding multiple sites or domains under a single account is allowed.


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